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        The new American Ambassador(大使) was being entertained by an African Diplomat(外交官). They had spent the day discussing the progress the country had made with the Russians before kicking them out. "They built us a power plant, an airport, and taught us how to drink vodka(伏特加酒) and play Russian roulette(轮盘赌)," stated the African Diplomat. http://www.xue90.cn来自《幽默学英语》网

The American Ambassador looked pained and said, "Russian roulette is a dangerous game." "Oh, quite so," said the Diplomat, "that's why we invented African roulette. In our version, no one gets killed...

Would you like to play?"

"If you assure me that no one gets killed, I'll give it a try," replied the American Ambassador, "how do you play? The

African Diplomat clapped his hands and six gorgeous, completely nude women, came wiggling in to the room.

The diplomat then explained that the way the game was played was to simply choose the one you want to give you oral sex. Then we each sit back to back while these gorgeous women take care of us. The first one to make a sound of any kind loses. "That's a lot better and less risky than Russian roulette," stated the American Ambassador quite aroused, "Lets play."

They each made their selections, disrobed, and sat down back to back. The American Ambassador quipped that this was going to be fun, but not dangerous like Russian Roulette.

To which the African Diplomat replied. "Oh, I forgot to mention, one of the women is a cannibal(食人族)."

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