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       A guy walked into a bar. Once inside, he realized it was a gay bar. "What the heck," he thought, "I really want a drink." http://www.xue90.cn来自《幽默学英语》网

So he sat down at the bar, and the bartender said to him, "What's the name of your penis?"
The guy said, "Look, I'm not into any of that. All I want is a > drink."

The bartender said, "I'm sorry, but I can't serve you until you tell me the name of your penis."

So the guy looked at the man sitting to his left who was sipping on a beer and asked, "Hey bud, what's the name of your penis?"

The man smiled and said, "Timex."

The guy asked, "Why Timex?" The fella proudly replied, "Cause it takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'!"

A little shaken, the guy turned to the man on his right, who was sipping a margarita. "So, what do you call your penis?"

The man to his right turned to him and proudly exclaimed, "Ford, because quality is Job 1." He then added, "Have you driven a Ford lately?"

Even more shaken, the guy had to think for a moment before he came up with a name for his penis. He turned to the bartender and exclaimed, "The name of my penis is Secret. Now give me my beer."

The bartender began to pour the guy a beer, but with a puzzled look asked, "Why Secret?"

The guy said, "Because it's strong enough for a man but made for a woman!"

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