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      George and Harriet were married twenty-five years. They decided to celebrate with a trip to Las Vegas. When they entered the hotel/casino and registered, a sweet young woman dressed in a very short skirt, became very friendly. http://www.xue90.cn来自《幽默学英语》网

George brushed her off rather rudely.

Harriet objected, "George,she was nice, that young woman, and you were so rude."

"Harriet, she's a prostitute(妓女)."

"I don't believe you. That sweet young thing?"

"Let's go up to our room and I'll prove it."

In their room, George called down to the desk and asked for Bambi to come to room 1217.

"Now," he said, "you hide in the bathroom with the door open just enough to hear us, okay?"

She did. Soon, there was a knock on the door.George opened it and Bambi walked in, swirling(打旋的
) her hips provocatively.

"So, I see you're interested after all," she said.

George asked, "How much do you charge?" "$125 basic rate, $100 tips for special services."

George was taken aback. "$125! I was thinking more in the range of $25."

Bambi laughed derisively. "You must really be a hick(乡下人) if you think you can buy sex for that price."

"Well," said George, "I guess we can't do business. Goodbye."

After she left, Harriet came out of the bathroom. "I just can't believe it."

George said, "Let's forget it. We'll go have a drink, then eat dinner."

At the bar, as they sipped their cocktails(鸡尾酒), Bambi came up behind George pointed slyly(狡猾的、顽皮的) at Harriet, and said, "See what you get for $25?"

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