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【宗教】“Our”not “Your”

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      'Our' not 'Your'我们的不是你们的

 At a small parish (教区)in rural New England there lived a priest, and several nuns. One day, one of the older nuns was http://www.xue90.cn来自《幽默学英语》网
noticing that the rugs (地毯,小垫子)in the church were beginning to fray(磨损). She went to the priest and told him, "Father, I believe your rugs need to be replaced soon."

The priest thanked her for bringing it to his attention,
and told her that he thought that she had been there long
enough to refer to church property as 'our' not 'your.'

Several days later, the same nun noticed that the hedge(树篱)needed to be trimmed(修剪). She again went to the priest and told him, "Father, I've noticed that your... I mean our hedge needs to be trimmed."

The priest thanked her for again bringing something to his
attention and this time asked her if she had seen his watch
that had gone missing. She said she hadn't, but assured him she would look for it.

A few days later the parish received word that the bishop
would be coming for a visit. The entire parish was busy
readying the church for the visit.

On the day the bishop arrived, the same nun came down the
front stairs yelling, "Father! Father! I found your watch!"

The bishop said, "How wonderful my child. Where did you find it?"

After saying hello to the bishop, the nun turned to the priest and said, "I found it under OUR bed."

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